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Mobile Internet

Updated: 23 Apr, 2020 2:17 PM
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NETWORKPlanValidityTechDataPriceExtrasTick to Compare
10GB_Kyookya WikiWeekly4G/LTE1000010 GB26000|Per Week /=More Info
1GB Smile Combo DataMonthly4G/LTE10001 GB32000|Per Month /=More Info
20GB_Kyookya WikiWeekly4G/LTE2000020 GB42000|Per Week /=More Info
2GB_Kyookya WikiWeekly4G/LTE20002 GB6000|Per Week /=More Info
30GB_Kyookya WikiWeekly4G/LTE3000030 GB52000|Per Week /=More Info
4GB_Kyookya WikiWeekly4G/LTE40004 GB12000|Per Week /=More Info
Night And Weekend BundleMonthly4G/LTE50005 GB60000|Per Month /=More Info
Night And Weekend BundleMonthly4G/LTE1000010 GB110000|Per Month /=More Info
Night And Weekend BundleMonthly4G/LTE2000020 GB200000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Anytime BundleMonthly4G/LTE30003 GB75000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Anytime BundleMonthly4G/LTE50005 GB90000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Anytime BundleMonthly4G/LTE1000010 GB145000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Anytime BundleMonthly4G/LTE2000020 GB250000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Anytime BundleMonthly4G/LTE5000050 GB300000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Anytime BundleMonthly4G/LTE200000200 GB1020000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Anytime bundleMonthly4G/LTE500 MB20000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Anytime bundleMonthly4G/LTE100000100 GB520000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Lite BundleMonthly4G/LTE15001.5 GB40000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile NightBundleFor 6 Hours4G/LTE10001 GB3000|Per Night /=More Info
SmileFlexyDaily4G/LTE100 MB2000|Per Day /=More Info
SmileFlexyDaily4G/LTE200 MB3000|Per Day /=More Info
SmileFlexyDaily4GLTE300 MB4500|Per Day /=More Info
SmileFlexyDaily4G/LTE500 MB7000|Per Day /=More Info
SmileLite DailyDaily4G/LTE15001.5 GB12000|Per Day /=More Info
True UnlimitedWeekly4G/LTE400000Unlimited63000|Per Week /=More Info
True UnlimitedMonthly4G/LTE400000Unlimited224000|Per Week /=More Info
Unlimited Essential PlusMonthly4G/LTE4500045 GB199000|Per Month /=More Info
Unlimited PlatinumPlusMonthly4G/LTE150000150 GB550000|Per Month /=More Info
Unlimited Premium PlusMonthly4G/LTE8500085 GB330000|Per Month /=More Info
UnlimitedEssentialMonthly4G/LTE2700027 GB179000|Per Month /=More Info
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