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Compare mobile internet prices, bundles, speeds for MTN, Airtel, Vodafone, Smart and other telecoms in Uganda. To test your internet speeds, visit Ookla Global Speed Tester.

Updated: 15 Jan, 2020 2:33 PM
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NETWORKPlanValidityTechDataPriceExtrasTick to Compare
Africell 4G data bundle7days4G120 MB2000|Per Week /=More Info
Africell 4G data bundle7days4G420 MB3500|Per Week /=More Info
Africell 4G data bundle7days4G650 MB5000|Per Week /=More Info
Africell 4G data bundle7days4G14001.4 GB7000|Per Week /=More Info
Africell 4G data bundle7days4G20002 GB10000|Per Week /=More Info
Africell 4G data bundle7days4G35003.5 GB15000|Per Week /=More Info
Africell 4G data bundle7days4G60006 GB20000|Per Week /=More Info
Africell 4G data bundle30 Days4G30 MB1500|Per Month /=More Info
Africell 4G data bundle30 Days4G400 MB5000|Per Month /=More Info
Africell 4G data bundle30 Days4G13001.3 GB10000|Per Month /=More Info
Africell 4G data bundle30 Days4G20002 GB15000|Per Month /=More Info
Africell 4G data bundle30 Days4G30003 GB20000|Per Month /=More Info
Africell 4G data bundle30 Days4G60006 GB30000|Per Month /=More Info
Africell 4G data bundle30 Days4G1500015 GB50000|Per Month /=More Info
Africell 4G data bundle30 Days4G4000040 GB100000|Per Month /=More Info
Africell Social Bundles30 Days4G/LTE40004 GB15000|Per Month /=More Info
Africell Social BundlesDaily4G/LTE200 MB1000|Per Day /=More Info
Africell Social BundlesWeekly4G/LTE15001.5 GB5000|Per Week /=More Info
Africell Social Bundles30 Days4G20002 GB10000|Per Month /=More Info
Africell Social BundlesDaily4G60 MB500|Per Day /=More Info
Africell Social BundlesWeekly4G600 MB4000|Per Week /=More Info
Annual_300GB12 Months4G300000300 GB1500000|Per Year /=More Info
Daily_100MBDaily4G/LTE100 MB1000|Per Day /=More Info
Daily_10MBDaily4G15 MB250|Per Day /=More Info
Daily_150MBDaily4G150 MB2000|Per Day /=More Info
Daily_1GB3 Days4G10001 GB5000|For 3 Days /=More Info
Daily_20MBDaily4G20 MB500|Per Day /=More Info
Daily_300MBDaily4G300 MB2000|Per Day /=More Info
Daily_3GBMonthly4G30003 GB10000|Per 3Days /=More Info
Daily_40MBDaily4G/LTE40 MB500|Per Day /=More Info
Daily_500MBDaily4G500 MB5000|Per Day /=More Info
Daily_500MBMonthly4G500 MB3000|Per 3days /=More Info
Daily_50MBDaily4G50 MB1000|Per Day /=More Info
Daily_512MBWeekly4G512 MB10000|Per Week /=More Info
Data BeerakoDaily4G10 MB300|Per Day /=More Info
Data BeerakoDaily4G20 MB500|Per Day /=More Info
Data BeerakoDaily4G50 MB1000|Per Day /=More Info
Data BeerakoDaily4G120 MB2000|For 1 Day /=More Info
Data BundleDaily4G/LTE20 MB250|Per Day /=More Info
Data BundleWeekly4G/LTE50 MB1750|Per Week /=More Info
Data BundleWeekly4G/LTE200 MB5500|Per Week /=More Info
Data BundleWeekly4G/LTE800 MB21900|Per Week /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE25 MB1450|Per Month /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE100 MB4400|Per Month /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE350 MB13500|Per Month /=More Info
Data BundleDaily4G/LTE50 MB500|Per Day /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE10001 GB34500|Per Month /=More Info
Data BundleDaily4G/LTE120 MB1000|Per Day /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE15001.5 GB44500|Per Month /=More Info
Data BundleWeekly4G/LTE80 MB2500|Per Week /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE30003 GB59500|Per Month /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE125 MB4900|Per Month /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE50005 GB89000|Per Month /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE250 MB9750|Per Month /=More Info
Data Bundle3 Months4G/LTE10001 GB45000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE500 MB19500|Per Month /=More Info
Data Bundle3 Months4G/LTE30003 GB77500|For 3 Months /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE1000010 GB124850|Per Month /=More Info
Data Bundle3 Months4G/LTE50005 GB116500|For 3 Months /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE20002 GB49850|Per Month /=More Info
Data Bundle3 Months4G/LTE1000010 GB160000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE4000040 GB315000|Per Month /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE35003.5 GB75000|Per Month /=More Info
Data Bundle3 Months4G/LTE3000030 GB370000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE3000030 GB284900|Per Month /=More Info
Data Bundle3 Months4G/LTE15001.5 GB50000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Data Bundle3 Months4G/LTE65006.5 GB129000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Data Bundle3 Months4G/LTE2000020 GB300000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Data Bundle3 Months4G/LTE4500045 GB600000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Data Bundle6 Months4G/LTE3000030 GB500000|For 6 Months /=More Info
Data Bundle12 Months4G/LTE100000100 GB900000|Per Year /=More Info
Data BundleDaily4G/LTE600 MB3200|Per Day /=More Info
Data BundleDaily4G/LTE900 MB4500|Per Day /=More Info
Data BundleDaily4G/LTE15001.5 GB6500|Per Day /=More Info
Data BundleDaily4G/LTE30003 GB12000|Per Day /=More Info
Data BundleDaily4G/LTE320 MB2000|Per Day /=More Info
Data BundleDaily4G/LTE12001.2 GB5000|Per Day /=More Info
Data BundleDaily4G/LTE20002 GB8700|Per Month /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE70007 GB104000|Per Month /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE1500015 GB199000|Per Month /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE2000020 GB210000|Per Month /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE5000050 GB330000|Per Month /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE8000080 GB430000|Per Month /=More Info
Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE100000100 GB480000|Per Month /=More Info
Data Pakalast RegularMonthly4G10001 GB179000|Per Month /=More Info
Data Pakalast SuperMonthly4G30003 GB330000|Per Month /=More Info
Data_Tooti_50MB1 hour4G50 MB500|Per Hour /=More Info
Elite PlanMonthly4G LTE3000030 GB90000|Per Month /=More Info
Elite With Mifi3 months4G LTE3000030 GB160000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Happy Hour1 hour4G/LTE10001 GB500|Per Hour /=More Info
Happy Hour 1 Hour Any Time Of The Day1 Hour 3.7G10001 GB5000|Per Hour /=More Info
Happy Nights Midnight - 6 Am1 Night 3.7G10001 GB2500|Per Night /=More Info
Happy_Hour_1GB1 hour4G/LTE10001 GB5000|Per Hour /=More Info
Kwik Tok Mobile Data BundleDailyGSM100 MB500|Per Day /=More Info
Lite PlanMonthly4G LTE1500015 GB50000|Per Month /=More Info
Lite With Mifi3 months4G LTE1500015 GB150000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleDaily4G/LTE15 MB250|Per Day /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleDaily4G/LTE40 MB500|Per Day /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleDaily4G/LTE100 MB1000|Per Day /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleDaily4G/LTE300 MB2000|Per Day /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE25 MB1500|Per Month /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE20002 GB20000|Per Month /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE50005 GB90000|Per Month /=More Info
Mobile data bundleWeekly4G/LTE500 MB5000|Per Week /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE1000010 GB50000|Per Month /=More Info
Mobile data bundleWeekly4G/LTE15001.5 GB10000|Per Month /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleMonthly4G/LTE3000030 GB100000|Per Month /=More Info
Mobile data bundleWeekly4G/LTE50005 GB20000|Per Month /=More Info
Mobile data bundleMonthly4G/LTE300 MB5500|Per Month /=More Info
Mobile data bundleMonthly4G/LTE600 MB10000|Per Month /=More Info
Mobile data bundle3 months4G/LTE20002 GB30000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Mobile Data Bundle3 Months4G/LTE1000010 GB75000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Mobile Data Bundle3 Months4G/LTE3000030 GB150000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleDailyGSM/GPRS/EDGE50 MB600|Per Day /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleDaily GSM/GPRS/EDGE100 MB1000|Per Day /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleWeeklyGSM/GPRS/EDGE100 MB2000|Per Week /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleMonthlyGSM/GPRS/EDGE500 MB14500|Per Month /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleMonthlyGSM/GPRS/EDGE10001 GB28000|Per Month /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleMonthlyGSM/GPRS/EDGE30003 GB65000|Per Month /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleMonthlyGSM/GPRS/EDGE50005 GB100000|Per Month /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleMonthlyGSM/GPRS/EDGE1000010 GB115000|Per Month /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleDailyGSM/GPRS/EDGE10 MB200|Per Day /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleDailyGSM/GPRS/EDGE25 MB350|Per Day /=More Info
Mobile Data BundleDaily4G/LTE10001 GB5000|Per Day /=More Info
Monthly_1.5GBMonthly4G15001.5 GB10000|Per Month /=More Info
Monthly_20GBMonthly4G2000020 GB50000|Per Month /=More Info
Monthly_25GBMonthly4G2500025 GB90000|Per Month /=More Info
Monthly_500MBMonthly4G500 MB5000|Per Month /=More Info
Monthly_65GBMonthly4G6500065 GB150000|Per Month /=More Info
Monthly_9GBMonthly4G90009 GB30000|Per Month /=More Info
MTN 60MB Tooti1 hour4G/LTE60 MB500|Per Hour /=More Info
MTN InternetShareMonthly4G/LTE10001 GB35000|Per Month /=More Info
MTN InternetShareMonthly4G/LTE20002 GB20000|Per Month /=More Info
MTN InternetShareMonthly4G/LTE30003 GB60000|Per Month /=More Info
MTN InternetShareMonthly4G/LTE50005 GB90000|Per Month /=More Info
MTN InternetShareMonthly4G/LTE1000010 GB50000|Per Month /=More Info
MTN InternetShareMonthly4G/LTE3000030 GB100000|Per Month /=More Info
MTN PulseDaily4G/LTE200 MB1000|Per Day /=More Info
MTN PulseDaily4G/LTE250 MB1000|Per Day /=More Info
MTN PulseDaily4G/LTE150 MB1000|Per Day /=More Info
MTN Pulse Weekend2 Days4G/LTE600 MB2000|For 2 Days /=More Info
MTN Pulse Weekend2 Days4G/LTE450 MB2000|For 2 Days /=More Info
MTN Pulse Weekend2 Days4G/LTE300 MB2000|For 2 Days /=More Info
MTN Pulse+Weekly4G/LTE10001 GB5000|Per Week /=More Info
MTN Pulse+Weekly4G/LTE13001.3 GB5000|Per Week /=More Info
MTN Pulse+Weekly4G/LTE750 MB5000|Per Week /=More Info
MTN Social BundleDaily4G/LTE40 MB250|Per Day /=More Info
MTN Social BundleDaily4G/LTE100 MB500|Per Day /=More Info
MTN Social BundleWeekly4G/LTE350 MB2500|Per Week /=More Info
MTN Social BundleMonthly4G/LTE600 MB5000|Per Month /=More Info
MTN Unlimited BasicMonthly4G/LTE600000Unlimited179000|Per Month /=More Info
MTN Unlimited PremiumMonthly4G/LTE600000Unlimited330000| Per Month /=More Info
Night (12am to 6am)6hr4G10001 GB2000|For 6 Hours /=More Info
Night And Weekend BundleMonthly4GLTE50005 GB60000|Per Month /=More Info
Night And Weekend BundleMonthly4GLTE1000010 GB110000|Per Month /=More Info
Night And Weekend BundleMonthly4GLTE2000020 GB200000|Per Month /=More Info
Night Shift 1GB1 Night4G/LTE10001 GB2000|Per Night /=More Info
Premium Pack (1 Mbps) Fixed Data BundleMonthlywimax10001 GB37000|Per Month /=More Info
Premium Pack (1 Mbps) Fixed Data BundleMonthlywimax25002.5 GB70000|Per Month /=More Info
Premium Pack (1 Mbps) Fixed Data BundleMonthlywimax50005 GB95000|Per Month /=More Info
Premium Pack (1 Mbps) Fixed Data BundleMonthlywimax1000010 GB135000|Per Month /=More Info
Premium Pack (1 Mbps) Fixed Data BundleMonthlywimax600000Unlimited210000|Per Month /=More Info
Pro Pack (3 Mbps) Fixed Data BundleMonthlywimax50005 GB125000|Per Month /=More Info
Pro Pack (3 Mbps) Fixed Data BundleMonthlywimax1000010 GB175000|Per Month /=More Info
Pro Pack (3 Mbps) Fixed Data BundleMonthlywimax600000Unlimited250000|Per Month /=More Info
Pro PlanMonthly4G LTE5000050 GB150000|Per Month /=More Info
Pro With Mifi3 months4G LTE5000050 GB175000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Quarterly_10GB3 Months4G1000010 GB78000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Quarterly_20GB3 Months4G2000020 GB130000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Quarterly_4GB3 Months4G40004 GB39000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Quarterly_85GB3 Months4G8500085 GB450000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Smile Anytime BundleMonthly4GLTE30003 GB75000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Anytime BundleMonthly4GLTE50005 GB90000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Anytime BundleMonthly4GLTE1000010 GB145000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Anytime BundleMonthly4GLTE2000020 GB250000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Anytime BundleMonthly4GLTE5000050 GB300000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Anytime BundleMonthly4GLTE200000200 GB1020000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Anytime bundleMonthly4G/LTE500 MB20000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Anytime bundleMonthly4G100000100 GB520000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile Kyookya Wiki 10GB7days4G1000010 GB26000|Per Week /=More Info
Smile Kyookya Wiki 20GB7days4G2000020 GB42000 /=More Info
Smile Kyookya Wiki 30GB7days4G3000030 GB52000 /=More Info
Smile Lite BundleMonthly4GLTE10001 GB32000|Per Month /=More Info
Smile NightBundleMidnight - 6 am(6 hours)4GLTE10001 GB3000|Per Night /=More Info
Smile True Unlimited 2 Mbps7days4G600000Unlimited63000|Per Week /=More Info
Smile True Unlimited 3 Mbps7days4G600000Unlimited224000|Per Week /=More Info
SmileFlexyDaily4GLTE100 MB2000|Per Day /=More Info
SmileFlexyDaily4GLTE200 MB3000|Per Day /=More Info
SmileFlexyDaily4GLTE300 MB4500|Per Day /=More Info
SmileFlexyDaily4GLTE500 MB7000|Per Day /=More Info
SmileLite DailyDaily4GLTE15001.5 GB12000|Per Day /=More Info
Starter Pack (512 Kbps) Fixed Data BundleMonthlywimax10001 GB20000|Per Month /=More Info
Starter Pack (512 Kbps) Fixed Data BundleMonthlywimax25002.5 GB55000|Per Month /=More Info
Starter Pack (512 Kbps) Fixed Data BundleMonthlywimax50005 GB80000|Per Month /=More Info
Starter Pack (512 Kbps) Fixed Data BundleMonthlywimax1000010 GB120000|Per Month /=More Info
Starter Pack (512 Kbps) Fixed Data BundleMonthlywimax600000Unlimited195000|Per Month /=More Info
Unlimited1 Month3.7G600000Unlimited299000|Per Month /=More Info
Unlimited3 Months3.7G600000Unlimited859000|For 3 Months /=More Info
Unlimited6 Months3.7G600000Unlimited1619000|For 6 Months /=More Info
Unlimited12 Months3.7G600000Unlimited3049000|Per Year /=More Info
Unlimited Premium PlusMonthly4GLTE8500085 GB330000|Per Month /=More Info
UnlimitedEssentialMonthly4GLTE2700027 GB179000|Per Month /=More Info
Weekly_1.17GB7days4G12001.2 GB7000|Per Week /=More Info
Weekly_150MBWeekly4G150 MB2000|Per Week /=More Info
Weekly_400MB7days400 MB3500|Per Week /=More Info
Weekly_4GB7days4G40004 GB15000|Per Week /=More Info
Weekly_7GB7days4G70007 GB20000|Per Week /=More Info
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